Wexford Football Final Starlights v Castletown – Live Score Commentary

We have live score commentary and preview from the Wexford Football Final Starlights v Castletown, throw in 1:30pm Sunday. 

Castletown will attempt to defend their title in the Wexford football Final this weekend against Starlights. The holders saw off St. Martin’s a semi-final where goals were the difference. On the other hand, Starlights needed extra-time to defeat Shelmaliers.

Starlights were slow to start in their semi-final tie. Shelmaliers took an early lead but when Liam Ryan found the net in the 27th minute, it was all square. It was close throughout. In fact, the sides were never more than three points apart. The second-half continued in this manner. At the full-time whistle, It was 0-11 to 1-8.

But, Starlights came out of the gates firing in extra-time. In the very first minute, Ricky Fox scored the side’s second goal and gave his side a commanding position. In terms of points, the two sides continued to cancel each other out. Then, in the last minute of the game Liam Ryan raised another green flag to ensure it was Starlights who went through. As a result, it was 3-12 to 0-14 after 80 minutes.

Likewise, Castletown were pushed all the way in their own semi-final. Similar to Starlights, they began slowly. After 15 minutes, they were 1-3 to 0-2 down. This is when Ben Brosnan rattled the net to get last year’s winners back on track.

Subsequently, Castletown kicked on. On 27 minutes it was Brosnan again to raise a green flag from the penalty spot. Next, Robbie Brooks scored their third goal of the half. But, St. Martin’s weren’t going away easily and a couple of scores of their own left them in touch. At half-time it was 3-5 vs 1-7.

After the restart, the sides continued to be well matched. Heading into the last ten minutes, Castletown had a comfortable six-point lead courtesy of their goals. However, this is when Paidi Kelly scored a major for St. Martin’s to make it an exciting finish. By the second minute of injury time St. Martin’s were level. But, Castletown had no interest in extra-time. Ben Brosnan stepped up in the 65th minute to send his team back to the final.

If Castletown are to retain their title, they would be the first team to do so in fourteen years. Starlights will certainly ensure that it will not be an easy task to do so. It’s been just three years since Starlights’ own title win. Yet, they will be ready to become kings of Wexford again.

WexfordGAA TV are live streaming the decider. Paddy Power have Castletown are 4/5 favourites to keep the trophy. But, Starlights are far from outsiders at 11/8. Meanwhile, a draw is 13/2.

Paths to the Final

Starlights: 2-10 vs 1-9 St.Mogue’s Fethard; 1-9 vs 1-11 St. Martin’s; 2-12 vs 1-12 St. James’ (Quarter-final); 3-12 vs 0-14 Shelmaliers (Semi-final, AET).

Castletown: 0-10 vs 0-7 Kilanerin; 1-13 vs 2-9 Shelmaliers; 2-14 vs 0-8 Sarsfields (Quarter-final); 3-10 vs 2-12 St. Martin’s (Semi-final).

Wexford Football Final: Starlights vs Castletown, Sunday 4th October, 1.30pm (Chadwicks Wexford Park). 



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Wexford vs Carlow

Last updated on Apr 27th, 2020 at 15:01

Wexford vs Kilkenny

Last updated on Apr 8th, 2020 at 9:49

Wexford Scorers C McDonald (1-1), P Morris (0-7)  Jack O’Connor (0-3) A Nolan (0-2) P Foley (0-1), D Reck (0-1)  D O’Keeffe (0-1)


Wexford – M Fanning; Joe O’Connor, L Ryan, S Donohoe; S Murphy, P Foley (0-1), D Reck (0-1); L Og McGovern, A Rochford; Jack O’Connor (0-3), A Nolan (0-2), K Foley; C Dunbar, C McDonald (1-1), P Morris (0-7). Subs: R O’Connor for C Dunbar, L Chin for L Og McGovern, D O’Keeffe (0-1) for A Nolan, M O’Hanlon for D Reck, M Dwyer for Jack O’Connor.

Kilkenny Scores   J Donnelly (0-2), A Murphy (0-4), M Keoghan (0-1); B Ryan (1-0), R Hogan (0-3), W Walsh (0-1) D Brennan (0-1)  P Deegan (0-1) J Maher (0-1),

Kilkenny – D Brennan (0-1); C Browne, H Lawlor, C Wallace; C Delaney, P Deegan (0-1), C Buckley; J Maher (0-1), M Carey; J Donnelly (0-2), A Murphy (0-4), M Keoghan (0-1); B Ryan (1-0), R Hogan (0-3), W Walsh (0-1). Subs: D Mullen for M Carey, B Sheehan for R Hogan, M Cody for J Maher.

Referee – F Horgan.

Wexford vs Clare

Last updated on Apr 7th, 2020 at 11:21

Wexford – M Fanning (0-1); Joe O’Connor, L Ryan, S Reck; D Reck, P Foley (0-3), S Murphy; L Og McGovern (0-1), K Foley; A Rochford (0-1), R O’Connor (0-2), Jack O’Connor (0-4); C Dunbar, C McDonald (0-2), P Morris (0-1). Subs: A Nolan for L Og McGovern, H Kehoe for D Reck.

Clare – D Tuohy; C Cleary, J Browne, E Quirke; S O’Halloran, P O’Connor, A McCarthy; D McInerney, T Kelly (0-12); D Reidy, D Fitzgerald (0-3), I Galvin; R Taylor (0-2), J Conlon, S O’Donnell (0-1). Subs: D McMahon for I Galvin, S Morey for R Taylor, C Malone for D Reidy, L Corry for E Quirke, A Shanagher for S O’Donnell.

Referee – S Cleere.

Wexford vs Carlow

Last updated on Oct 21st, 2020 at 20:49

Wexford – I Meegan (0-1); M O’Connor, G Sheehan, C Carty; R Devereux, B Malone, E Nolan; G Malone, N Hughes; S Nolan, J Stafford, T Byrne; M Rossiter (0-3), J Bealin (1-1), B Brosnan (1-5). Subs: M Molloy for E Nolan, C Devitt for T Byrne, J Rossiter for M Rossiter, S Doyle for C Carty, R Crosbie for J Stafford.

Carlow – R Sansom; M Bambrick, S Remond, N Roche; J Morrissey, R Walker, C Doyle; S Murphy, E Ruth; J Murphy (1-1), D Foley (0-1), D O’Brien; S Gannon (0-1), B Murphy, D Walshe (0-3). Subs: J Moore for M Bambrick, C Crowley for C Doyle, S Doyle for J Murphy, R Dunphy for D O’Brien.

Referee – S Mulhare.