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Why is important to ask the correct questions to chatgpt ?

A beginners guide: Imagine you’re playing a game and you need to ask a helper for clues to find the treasure. If you ask the helper the wrong questions or questions that are too general, they might not know what you’re looking for and give you clues that don’t help. But if you ask clear and specific questions, like “Can you give me a clue about where the treasure might be hidden?” the helper will be able to give you a clue that will help you find the treasure faster. If you want to know how to make a cake, you should ask “How do I make a chocolate cake?” instead of just “How do I make a cake?” because the specific type of cake you want to make will affect the recipe and instructions. If you want to know the capital of a country, you should ask “What is the capital of France?” instead of just “What is the capital of a country?” because there are many countries in the world and each one has its own capital. If you’re trying to find out about a famous person, you should ask “Who is Michael Jordan?” instead of just “Who is a famous person?” because there are many famous people and you want information about a specific one. It’s the same with a language model like ChatGPT, the more specific the question the better the answer will be.

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